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Joel Weldon

"Words spoken well can change the world"

The voice of Joel Weldon is heard all around the globe every single day. With current national clients such as Ford Motor Company, Carl's Jr/Hardee's, Caterpillar, FOX Sports, NASCAR, and Harvest Crusades with Greg Laurie, he's a working professional sharing from deep personal experience with each cohort he takes on.

He performed his first commercial voiceover role for a lone Toyota dealer in Washington State 20 years ago. Since then, having brought thousands of real world projects to life with his voice, he's now recognized as a top-tier SAG voice actor and respected VO instructor in Los Angeles.
Joel is also a highly respected coach to public speakers, business execs, and ministry leaders. As the founder of EYP and the TRUEyou Speaking Method, his passion for human communication spills over into every session, whether virtual online or in person.
When not performing VO, you'll most likely find him at the beach with his family or leading music for his church community.

Experience more examples from his remarkable Voice Acting journey at...

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